All in the Insole

All in the Insole

All in the Insole

Creating comfort with Cushy Step technology.

When it comes to making footwear that you can wear all day long, the magic is in the insole. The insole is the part of the shoe that makes direct contact with the sole of the foot. It’s what you’re walking/standing/running on all day, and because of this close contact, it can make the biggest impact when it comes to comfort.
Not every insole is created equal. For example, a trail running shoe insole has a different job to do than a road running shoe. The same goes for the insole of a rain boot. It doesn’t need to be as insulated as the insole of a winter boot designed to handle temperatures as low as -40.
Perfecting different types of insoles requires a certain amount of R&D and a lot of trial and error. We’ve done our homework on insoles and have developed the Cushy Step, our proprietary technology that allows us to make our footwear so darn comfortable. Our secret? It’s all in the density.
We’ve developed three insoles of varying density using our Cushy Step technology to give wearers three levels of comfort, depending on the footwear.

The Everyday features EVA foam gives the wearer all the comfort needed for everyday tasks.
The Elevated EVA is thicker, giving the wearer a little more oomph.
The Premium insole is denser and wrapped in PU, providing an addition layer of support.
We’ve included Cushy Step technology in a number of our newest styles, find your perfect fit.


With its sneaker-inspired leather upper and two-toned lug sole, the Celeste M is the perfect winter boot for the city. New to this year’s Metro Collection, it comes in four different colorways and features our Premium Cushy Step technology.



A fresh take on a cold weather classic, the Lauren Lo is part of our Heritage 1898 Collection, so you know it’ll never go out of style. Featuring the Elevated insole and made to tackle temperatures as low as -40 Celsius, it’ll keep you warm on the coldest of days, but will still make you feel cool.  



A rain boot that can also handle the snow? Meet the brand-new Timber a rubber boot that can be worn in weather as cold as -30 Celsius (-22 Fahrenheit). The sleek neoprene upper and Everyday EVA insole mean you can wear it anywhere, while the LockFit outsole gives you grip on slippery sidewalks. 


Step Out in Cushy Comfort 


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