Desert Trekking

The Treklite M is put to the test in Joshua Tree National Park

California’s landscape is breathtakingly diverse. There’s the Pacific coastline, five different mountain ranges, majestic Redwood forests, and not one, but three deserts. It’s at the intersection of two deserts, the Mojave, and Colorado, that you’ll find one of the most popular tourist destinations in the State, Joshua Tree National Park.

Located two hours east of Los Angeles and named for the unusual native trees found in the area, Joshua Tree National Park features unique rock formations, incredible wildlife (everything from Bighorn sheep to California Leaf-nosed Bats), and stunning sunrises and sunsets.

But it’s the varied hiking trails that made this spot the perfect choice for field testing the Treklite M. And who better to test the rugged mountain-ready boot for both women and men, than photographers, outdoor lovers and past collaborators Collin and Kendal?


We strive to make durable, quality footwear for the whole family that can stand up to just about anything. That’s why we believe in the idea of on-the-ground testing, putting a product in the most ordinary or extraordinary of circumstances and seeing how it performs. And there’s no better way to do that than partnering with outside enthusiasts and letting them take the shoe on the road (or trail, or mountain, or desert).

When it comes to embracing life outdoors, Collin and Kendal do it with gusto. Not only do they enjoy a nomadic lifestyle, but they also take “tiny house” living to a new level and call an Airstream camper home (which they share with their dog Bailey and new baby, Milo). During the last field test, they put several different boots through their paces in their adopted State of Alaska. This time, they trialed the Treklite M on the well-worn (and not so well-worn) hiking trails of Joshua Tree.


When it comes to hiking at Joshua Tree, hikers are spoiled for choice. There are a number of different hikes to choose from, all of various lengths and difficulty. A nature walk can be anywhere from a quarter mile to over a mile long, while the more difficult treks can cover as much as 36.6 miles and involve 2-3 days of hiking.

No matter your pace or level of difficulty, the Treklite M can handle it all. The outsole features a Treadlite synthetic rubber outsole, which has deep lugs with GripXT, providing you with superior traction on tough terrain.

The boot is also insulated to keep you warm when you reach higher (read cooler) altitudes when hiking and allowing you to hike later (or earlier) in the season. 

Not planning a hiking trip any time soon? No worries. This boot also works for causal weekend strolls.

When climbing any mountain, or the stairs on your commute, what’s most important is support and flexibility. The sustainable BLOOM EVA foam mid-sole offer the flexibility needed while the lace-up construction fits firmly around the ankle.


When developing the Treklite M boot, we wanted to create a functional boot that could tackle both a rugged mountain hike and a trip on the subway. We also wanted it to be waterproof and warm enough to be worn throughout the year, including on mild winter days.

When working on this boot, we also realized that it defied categorization. Everyone who enjoys spending time outside can benefit from a lightweight boot that can be worn season after season. You can find (almost) the same model for kids, because the only thing better than a hike, is a hike with the people you love.


It’s a versatile boot for active wearers who enjoy getting out and exploring, no matter the terrain or the weather. Made to handle the tough trails, it ensures you have a steady footing on uneven ground but is equally as comfortable on relaxed city strolls, or on a short hike to catch the sunset in the Californian desert. Roasted marshmallows at the end of the hike/walk/stroll are optional (but encouraged).

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